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  • "I am under no obligation to make sense to you."
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    Tumblr Tuesday: Aliens—They’re Just Like Us!

    My Little Aliens
    They feed grass to a sheep!

    Lazy Club
    They get stabbed by skateboards!

    Secrets in the Fields
    They have a top-notch Department of Agriculture!

    UFOs & Aliens
    They exist—just like us!

    Contactee Confessions
    No, really, they exist! And they haunt our dreams

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    " Lemon Cake " 🍋🎂 | MI |

  • #thepinkwall x KelseSkye

    September 29
  • I Like Liquor. Bae

  • Did You Know ‘Bae’ Is Danish For Poop?

  • Y’all Been Sleepin’ On Me Too But…

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    Message me if you have a fashion blog!! Need more blogs to follow xx

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